Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sheep In a Jeep

I made the greatest discovery by accident this week.  (Well, technically it was my boss who made the fantastic discovery.)  I have long loved the book Sheep In a Jeep by Nancy E. Shaw.  For years it was my go-to book that I gave to new and expecting mothers.  This week my boss, knowing how much I loved the book Sheep In a Jeep, bought me a surprise gift, Sheep On a ShipSheep On a Ship is just as great as Sheep In a Jeep!  (I may even like it just a bit more than Sheep In a Jeep!)  But the real gift was learning that Nancy Shaw has a whole series of Sheep books.  (A flock of sheep books if you will...ha ha ha.)  I had no idea!  I thought Sheep In a Jeep was just a one book thing.  But, I could not have been more wrong!  There is a bunch of Sheep books, including Sheep Take a Hike, which fits so perfectly with our nursery theme.  I can't wait to check some of the other titles out from the library and add a few of them to the Christmas list. 

The Sheep books all feature simply rhyming text and tell of an ill fated adventure that a flock of sheep take on.  The books are charmingly illustrated by Margot Apple.  They are funny and clever and I am just so excited that there is more than one!  I can't wait to read them all to my son!

Currently Published Sheep Books by Nancy E. Shaw

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