Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chewable Baby Books

My husband and I have recently introduced chewable baby books, or what in our house we call bath books.  We think of bath books as short books (3-5 pages), made of soft foam and covered in plastic.  They can get wet and stand up to a drooling baby or bath time. (Thus the nickname bath books.)  We have a set that has a handle for him to grab onto, but not all of our bath books have handles.  At 4 months our son is just starting to want to put things into his mouth and also just beginning to become a drooler.  In an effort to protect some of his board books, while still letting him explore books we decided to break out our small collection of bath books. 

But, the thing is we're not using them at bath time...we're using them during play time.  From what my friends with slightly older children have said his interest in bath books will really pick up around 6 months.  For now he likes to grab onto the book with the handle and shake it around.  Sometimes he'll grab and squeeze one of the pages.  At this stage they really only hold his attention for about 5 minutes tops.  He does like to look at the bright colors of the illustrations though.  We have the set pictured above from Sassy and so far we like it.  The cube holds no interest for him at this stage, but I'm sure in a few months he will enjoy that more.  Right now it's just too big for his hands.  I'm excited to watch him play with these books now and I can't wait to see him interact with these books as his skills continue to grow and develop.

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