Monday, December 3, 2012

I Love My Nook!

I'm a full time working mom, who is also still nursing.  Needless to say there's not much free time in my life.  My friends and family are amazed that I've managed to find the time to still read and I tell them it's all thanks to my Nook.  Last year for my birthday my husband bought me a Nook Color.  I was thrilled to get a Nook and about 30% of the books I read last year I read on my Nook.  Since having our son though just about every book I've read has been on my Nook.  There are so many things about my Nook (or just about any e-reader) that make it TONS easier to read with a baby in the house.

1)  I only need one hand free to read.  With one hand I can hold my Nook and simply use my thumb on the same hand to turn the pages.  I don't have to worry that it is going to flop closed and that I'll lose my spot.  This comes in very handy when I'm nursing or pumping.

2)  I can read my Nook in a dark room.  Late at night when I'm nursing I want to keep the room dark so my son falls right back to sleep.  Without my Nook that would be time I wouldn't be able to read, but since my Nook is back light, I can keep the room dark and read while he's nursing. 

3)  I can read while I'm pumping at work.  Pumping (at least for my style of pump) keeps my hands occupied, but I can bring up whatever book(s) I've downloaded onto my Nook and read them off of my computer screen while I pump.  That way instead of just having to stare at a blank wall, or worse, stare at my computer and think of all the work I need to be doing at that time, I can relax and read a few pages.  It has been a life saver, and really helped me de-stress and not think about the millions of other things I need to get done. 

4)  I can download free books!  Yes, I do sometimes still pay for books, but just because my husband and I are both working doesn't mean we're rich.  (Far from it!)  We save money where we can, and one way is to utilize free books.  Many "classics" (think books you read - or should have read- in high school) are free.  Right now I'm reading Anna Karenina which I downloaded free from  I also check e-books out from the public library, and make use of sights like

I love my Nook because without it, I simply wouldn't have the time to read which would make me very sad.  If you're a mom who loves to read and you don't already have one, treat yourself to a Nook (or another type of e-reader).

*I am not affiliated with, nor is this post in anyway sponsored by Barns and Noble.

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