Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Reading Program Reading Plan

As stated on Monday, the Adult Winter Reading Program at my local library has started and that means the heated reading competition between my friend and I has also started.  I am nothing if not strategic, so I've used some time to create a list of books that I want to read during the Winter Reading Program.  Because the library rewards you for the number of books you read and not the number of pages, this is not the time to start a long classic like Les Miserable by Victor Hugo (although I do highly recommend it, it is an exceptional book...and musical...and movie/musical).  This is a time to pick up the shorter, easy reads that only take a few days to read.  With that in mind here are the books I've lined up to read so far (there will likely be some additions to this list depending on what I can get from the library). 

  1. When Comes the Spring by Janette Oke
  2. When Break the Dawn by Janette Oke
  3. Olive Kitterideg by Elizabeth Strout
  4. The Eighty Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts
  5. The Son by Lois Lowry
  6. The Dress Maker of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
  7. Catch In the Rye by J.D. Salinger
  8. Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincett
  9. The Great Fire by Jim Murphy
This list is more than I'll probably be able to read in just four weeks, but it's best to be over prepared.  I'd hate to find myself with time to read, and no book to read!  Wish me luck...maybe for the first time ever I'll win a grand prize.

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